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Welcome to the launch of Heidi Messing Photography!

May 2017!

A bit about me, my family and how I came to begin my business endeavor.

I am Heidi Kuhn soon to be Mrs. David Messing. Beginning a new chapter in my life with fiancé Dave and his son Cullen, I began to reflect on the importance of what really matters most in life. I came to the simple conclusion, what matters is making the most of my time, with the people in my life, and doing what I truly love.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”-Theophrastus

Greek Philosopher

I have spent more than a decade as a professional art teacher. I have dedicated my career to teaching students to explore their interests creatively, while educating them about the impact art contributes to our lives. My dream when I was their age was to become a professional photographer. However, at that time I was discouraged from that career path because the cultural persona, “the starving artist” did not seem appealing. I decided my dream would have to remain a hobby. Teaching art education created an opportunity for me to inspire and encourage students to explore the possibilities of art careers they are interested in. Educating students about current and emerging career options, and striving to help them discover the realities about their art career interest.

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream”-Khalil Gibran

Lebanese Artist, Poet, Writer

My love for photography began in elementary school. One of my first memories was taking photos with our family Polaroid camera. That was just the beginning of my fascination with cameras and photography. Since, my curiosity has created lifelong hobby; studying, practicing, and developing techniques in my free time. From the family Polaroid I moved to 35mm, eventually learning how to process and develop my own film and prints. As the digital age emerged I had more to learn and a new way to work with my craft. Photography gives me a way of looking at life with unique perspective, allows me to become the observer and to capture the art of life. My favorite part of my photography practice is the happiness I get from sharing my work and perspective with others.

“Photography helps people to see”-Berenice Abbott

American Photographer

Beginning a new chapter in life with my family has been an amazing eye opener on how to spend my time. My family reminds me how valuable our time is and how we choose to use it is important. Spending more than a decade helping my students to pursue their interest in art professions, I realized it was time for me to practice what I had been preaching all those years and pursue the possibilities of my childhood dream of photography. Finally I took my own advice and explored the potential of opening my own photography business. I decided there is no time like the present to put my lifelong study and practice to good use and follow my passion in a new business endeavor, and that is how Heidi Messing Photography was born.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of”-Bruce Lee

Hong Kong American Actor, Martial Artist, Philosopher, Film Maker, and Founder of the Martial Art Jeet Kune Do

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